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Sales Acceleration Programs

In today's dynamic cloud businesses world, accelerating revenue through a successful sales channels is the life blood for many SaaS companies.   A coherent, well-planned and properly support sales channel program is imperative.  Key factors in your partnering strategy such as joint value propositions, discounts, market development funds, training, tech support, and vertical marketing are only a few of the more significant elements needed to grow and sustain a successful channel. 

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A few of Hybris Technology Services capabilities include:

  • Direct and channel strategy alignment

  • Joint value proposition

  • Partner qualifications

  • Leads, referrals, and registration

  • Training and materials

  • Support plan and RACI

  • QBRs and reporting

  • Renewal and upgrades

Hybrid Technology Services understands the critical aspects of sales channels and provides the experience and expertise to develop and execute a sales program from the ground-up or remediate a mediocre existing program.

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